Salmon & Steelhead Season: Salmon River, NY

Each year monster chinook (king) salmon enter the great lake tributaries in early September to spawn. When the runs will start, and how long they last, varies year to year.

Typically by mid-October the main runs are over and many dead salmon will litter the sides of the river. The coho runs generally coincide with the runs of chinook, and coho and chinook are often interspersed in the same parts of the river.

Often the runs will follow significant rain events or major releases of water on the Salmon River. After the water rises and as it begins to drop, the salmon will make a run. These runs of fish will then make their way up the river. Thus, one day these could be large numbers of fish in Douglaston Salmon Run area, the next day they are past Pulaski headed for Altmar. Because the flow of the Salmon River is controlled by the outflow from the upstream dams, a large release of water by the power company can simulate a rain event and also cause a run of salmon.

By October the Steelhead will also begin to enter the rivers and streams to feed on the salmon eggs from the spawning salmon. Brown trout enter the rivers and streams between mid-October and the end of November.

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USGS: Pineville
Updated Waterflow: Salmon River, NY